12 Beanies to Keep You Warm (and chic!) This Slide

It is usually difficult to remove the hats, the quality they look like every day. Hide the hair at night.

A week ago, after Jeanne Damas had definitely destroyed the parable with the beret France, a young girl, we thought we were going to make the conversation about the cold-cold accent back in the United States. United. How do New York's chic women put on their hats and relationships this winter? After reviewing 12 of the most fashionable ones - most of which are very different types - we 10 Beanies to have discovered that, true to the lineup, they permeate their own artist artistically, even in gloves that seem the most incredible, connections and bonnets - things that are often neglected or that are completely lacking snow. Just look for Paloma Elsesser's eco-lined and white pompom beanie, which complements his sleek and trendy Northern Confront parka. On the other hand, Hana Jirickova's flaxen mane attacks the creamy color of her boa constrictor knitwear, and Fernanda Ially adapts to the distress of her red hair and red hair. This is a new indication that winter accessories are an opportunity to provide a lot of sparkle - and volume! - in the redess beanie hat for men and women winter warm hats knit slouchy darkest temperature estimates. Company, they all seem to recognize, maybe the French ladies will not wear berets, but New Yorkers really like their hats. Here, 12 of York's coolest latest models glide over the most comfortable possibilities of the season, and feel classic about the favorite accessories that have been missing. Do you remember a beloved accent of the winter months that you miss? Personally, I miss my cap much appreciated in the cinema. I had also created my shades and headgear gloves. In the morning, I visited the missing and found, and I also recovered my glasses and my gloves, but no cap.

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